Kanye West’s “DONDA” Outfit Was Apparently Inspired By HisFavorite Anime “Akira” – HotNewHipHop

Kanye might have pulled some outfit inspiration from “Akira,” that they formerly accepted was certainly one of his favorite animes.

Even though they might not appear to possess anything in keeping in writing, Hip-Hop and anime regularly intersect. Prominent rappers like Megan Thee Stallion have professed their passion for their most favorite animes, and Big Sean lately satisfied a childhood dream after meeting the Goku voice actor personally. It has been heavily documented that Kanye is another fan from the genre, with 1988’s Akira being his anime of preference.In 2018, the questionable artist — that has still yet to release DONDA— continued a Twitter spree and recognized the Katsuhiro Otomo-directed anime, calling it the “finest animation achievement ever” and revealing it has inspired “every stage show [he’s] ever labored on.” Now, it seems that Akira might have once more influenced Mr. West, as numerous fans are going the similarity between his outfit at Thursday night’s DONDA listening event in Atlanta to Akira’s primary character Shotaro Kaneda.Paras Griffin/Getty ImagesThe type from Akira famously sports a multi-tone all-red outfit, also it definitely favors what Yeezy lately used towards the listening event. Past the outfit, it seems that the stage design (or lack thereof) seemed to be inspired with a scene in Akira in which Shotaro Kaneda was on the sparse, chalky landscape.Browse the side-by-side comparisons below. Do you consider Ye was pulling outfit inspiration from Akira? Or would you think the similarity is simply a coincidence and Kanye was really opting for another thing entirely?