Two men in India go viral for casually eating while an unplanned fire blazes in the background

Two men went viral in India for remaining calm and enjoying their food at a Bhiwandi wedding while a fire broke out behind them.

The dilemma: The Indian Fire Service shared a now-viral Facebook video of two wedding guests caught between worrying about the approaching fire or continuing to enjoy the wedding feast.

(To view the post above, you must click on the Facebook post and see through the social media platform.)

In the video, the men can be seen glancing back at the raging fire while choosing to remain in their seats to pick at their food and eat.

The video, which was posted on Nov. 28, has received more than 28,000 views. Editor of “Maha Scholar” Musab Qazi also took to Twitter to share the video. With the caption, “The guest is torn between checking it out and gobbling the delicious meal,” the video has racked up more than 30,000 views as of this writing.

According to The Indian Express, the fire occurred at Ansari Marriage open hall at Bhiwandi in Maharashtra on Nov. 28. While the cause of the fire is unknown, it started at a pandal in the area of Khandu Pada.

Although there were no injuries, the fire destroyed two six-wheelers and a storeroom of decorative materials.

While some viewers were shocked by the unfazed wedding guests, others believe that it was right of them to remain calm.

Featured Image via Indian Fire Service

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