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INDIANA (WFIE) – On Wednesday, the Indiana Department of Health reported 15,091 new COVID-19 cases and 125 new deaths.

The pandemic total in the state is 1,393,574 cases and 19,319 deaths.

The state map shows only 11 counties in the entire state in orange. All other counties are in red.

Indiana Coronavirus Metrics Map - January 5 compared to January 12.
Indiana Coronavirus Metrics Map – January 5 compared to January 12.(WFIE)

The map shows one new death in Warrick County.

It shows 656 new cases in Vanderburgh County, 208 new cases in Warrick County, 163 new cases in Dubois County, 55 new cases in Perry County, 49 new cases in Posey County, 143 new cases in Gibson County, 37 new cases in Spencer County, and 34 new cases in Pike County.

The new case rate in Vanderburgh County is by far a pandemic record for a single day total. The previous record was last Wednesday with 542 new cases.

When it comes to masking up, it may seem self-explanatory, but with more options, which option is best for you?

Experts say N95 masks are still the top choice when it comes to protecting yourself against the coronavirus. Those masks should have a certified stamp, so you know they are legitimate.

Another good option is KN95 masks. Health officials say those masks are made in China and offer very good protection. They say these masks are more comfortable than N95, because KN95 masks have ear loops rather than straps.

Next up are KF94 masks. These are very similar to KN95 masks, except the KF94 are made in Korea.

Experts say the three-ply surgical masks do provide decent protection against the Omicron variant, but they do not have a tight seal around your mouth and nose. Officials say a good way to test your mask is to see if your glasses fog up. If they do, that means there is not a tight seal.

At this point in the pandemic, cloth masks provide very little protection against the Omicron and Delta variants, according to experts.

Click on the testing map at to find a testing location. Visit to find a vaccination site.

Here are the coronavirus totals in our part of Indiana:

  • Vanderburgh Co. – 42,948 cases, 521 deaths
  • Dubois Co. – 10,279 cases, 151 deaths
  • Warrick Co. – 15,003 cases, 210 deaths
  • Perry Co. – 3,491 cases, 55 deaths
  • Posey Co. – 4,923 cases, 46 deaths
  • Gibson Co. – 8,593 cases, 125 deaths
  • Spencer Co. – 4,228 cases, 56 deaths
  • Pike Co. – 2,950 cases, 45 deaths

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