How to report your at home COVID-19 test – FOX 2 Detroit

Across the country, the number of reported positive COVID-19 tests are higher than ever. But doctors say that the number of people sick with the virus is actually much higher due to at-home tests.

As home test demand skyrockets, doctors want to make sure you’re doing more than isolating and alerting people you’re around. You also need to alert health officials.

Dr. Asha Shajahan from Beaumont Health said you need to follow instructions on your test kit to report your positive results.

“It’s recommended that if you are getting an at home test you self report,” Dr. Shajahan said. “Some brands do have it on there where the positive test will be uploaded and reported, so there is a scan bar that you use.”

If the at-home test kit you purchased has no instructions, contact your county health department for guidance.

In Oakland County, residents are asked to call Oakland County Health at 800-848-5533. Or you can email your positive result to

Doctors say one thing you don’t want to do is call your doctor to request that they report an at home test result.

“Doctors are so bogged down with seeing patients and with the Covid surge,” Dr. Shajahan said. “Doctors are not able to go to the online website report it for the patient.” 

It’s imperative that if you test positive using a home kit that you make it a priority to self report.