Daniel Andrews denies branch stacking, says he has behaved appropriately

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has spoken for the first time since one of his senior ministers quit over branch-stacking allegations.

Luke Donnellan resigned from cabinet after he was accused of being involved in branch-stacking allegations led by former Labor Party powerbroker Adem Somurek.

Mr Donnellan allegedly paid for party memberships.

He is the fourth Victorian minister turfed out of cabinet as part of the scandal.

The Premier said Mr Donnellan’s resignation came as a surprise.

Asked repeatedly about the wider fallout, Mr Andrews said he would not comment on the ongoing anti-corruption inquiry.

Mr Andrews said had not been to a factional meeting in more than a decade and had never paid for someone else’s membership or branch stacked.

“I expect all of my colleagues behaving appropriately at all times,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

“I follow the party’s rules and I behave appropriately.”

Victorian cabinet minister Martin Pakula said Mr Donnellan was a valued colleague and he was sorry to see him go.

He said Mr Donnellan had done the right thing by resigning.

But Mr Pakula said not everyone named at the inquiry should necessarily resign.

“These things have been happening across both parties for decades and I think the circumstances of everyone is different,” he told reporters.

More to come.

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